What is ‘Non Binary’ Anyway?

Ok this blog is called ‘Non binary in a binary world’…but what does it even mean?
When I speak about binary, I don’t mean the code kind of binary. I mean the gender binary: the belief that humans are either man or woman, boy or girl. And obviously, each side of the binary coin comes with its own stereotypes: boys will play with cars and will hate the colour pink. They will also be rough and love sports. On the other hand, girls will love dolls and pretending to be ‘mummy’. They must adore the colour pink. They will be proper little ladies and must never get into a physical fight.

Sorry to break it to you, but gender is a spectrum. Imagine it: on one side you have male, on the other female …

A simplified gender spectrum
A simplified gender spectrum

B ut there is an array of people in between. In the middle of this spectrum are those people who feel neutral, so between the two genders. You may also feel as though you are not even on the spectrum, so you feel as though you are a completely different gender.

As a non-binary person, it means that I do not feel like I am either male or female. I may be biologically either male or female, but I express my gender differently, and I feel different inside.

In reality this isn’t such a big deal. What it all boils down to is the way I express my gender. Some people like short hair, others like long hair. Some like baggy clothing, and others like tight fitting, revealing clothing. It’s just the way you express yourself.

Unfortunately, we are in the 21st Century and we still see things as binary. Birth certificates are either male or female. Even conducting surveys rarely have the option of a gender which isn’t binary. Which is a shame, because I’ve come across a lot of people who identify as neither male nor female. We shouldn’t be invisible.



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