Coming out as Trans…at 6


I have been seeing more and more videos of children being allowed to present their identity in their own way, and I find that beautiful. I believe parenting is all about doing what is right for the child. However, not by giving society more importance over the child’s happiness.

What I mean is, don’t use the excuse that ‘Society will make the child’s life difficult’ as an excuse to not let your child live the way which would make them happy. Because Society will be silent, but your child will be miserable, because their body is not ‘right’.

So let your child be comfortable in their own skin, and Society will learn to accept this as a reality. That Gender Identity Disorder is a real, and very serious and important thing.

Below is the story of Josie, born Joey. As a child Josie used to throw a lot of tantrums and doctors prescribed an exaggerated amount of medication. Until they became aware that Josie (then still ‘Joey’) preferred wearing dresses and playing with her sister’s toys. Once allowed to live as a girl, the tantrums stopped, and Josie became happy. Watch the video for the entire story.



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