Why the LGBTQ community is transphobic

Sometimes I feel that the LGBTQ community just causes problems for itself. We forget sometimes that we’re a ‘community’, so in certain respects we are kinda like family. After all, we have to have each other’s backs when the rest of the world is against us.
So I started to notice transphobia even in the LGBTQ community. Impossible right?

When The Dallas Buyer’s Club was released, one would assume that the topic would revolve around the actual story, where an intolerant man learns to accept others, mainly a trans*woman.

But nope. All people could argue about is how shameful it is that they cast a cisgender male in the role of a trans*woman.

Now I’m all for visibility, I think Laverne Cox is one of the best creations we have on this Earth, she’s up there with Emma Watson and Mila Kunis and Maya Angelou. Visibility is extremely important, especially in our community. It’s essential to see people like us.
But, sorry to break it to you, it’s movie. and in movies the important part is the skill of the thespian in question.
So just like gays and lesbians can act straight in movies, straights can act gay. And just like trans* people can act cis, likewise.
Of course, here comes up the issue of how much these people can be read. Ie. when speaking to trans* people, can you tell that they’re trans*.
Naturally, if the persona is cis, the actor must be read as cis, and if the persona is gay they must be read as gay.

So I guess what shocked me most is when I heard that Jared Leto was too easily read, ie. he made the persona of a trans* woman too ‘obvious’. I was in shock.
1. that is incredibly transphobic to say. to think even. does the person haVe to be impossible to read? does the person have to fit into society’s imposed binary norms? a trans*woman who is muscular is therefore wrong ? a trans*man who has no facial hair and slightly curvy not a man?

2. the movie is set in the 80s, as the movie clearly shows, hormones weren’t readily available. Without the proper hormone replacement therapy it would be very difficult for trans* people to achieve the look they desire.

Honestly, when I heard these things, that a particular person is being ‘read’ it feels as though we’re embarrassed to see trans* people, even In our own community we expect people to look how we expect them to, in this case, look binary. We need to remove this shame, because we’re all human here, people with feelings. instead of evaluating each other on how well we can disguise our past, how about embracing each other as we are?



2 thoughts on “Why the LGBTQ community is transphobic

  1. Definitely agree that visibility is important. The sooner people stop freaking out and being scared, the sooner they’ll realise we’re all human.


  2. Very true. I’ve recently come out as trans and find it difficult to explain why I chose not to jump right on the “hormones wagon”. It feels as though if you aren’t going for full on “passing”, then you aren’t a legit trans person. It is kind of discouraging; I’m only trading one judgmental community, for another. Anyways, great topic!


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