Gender Awareness

From personal experience I’ve realized that awareness on gender dysphoria is extremely lacking, including in professions where one would expect this reality to be known. For example, in helping professions such as social work, counseling, therapy etc I assume that there would be knowledge on the subject.

I’ve realized that this assumption was completely incorrect. After disclosing with a social work professional that I experience gender dysphoria the social worker then told me that I should reflect on why I refer to myself as Non-Binary (because obviously, gender is binary) and it was insinuated that I am merely confused.
As someone who has nearly graduated in a helping profession, I have reflected ad eternum, and I can assure you that no amount of reflection will make me feel binary.

Moving on from this rant, I have also ended up educating my own supervisors on gender dysphoria. And the only time I met someone who knew what gender identity disorder is ended up being because he happened to come across the name by chance while researching something else.

So the bottom line is that awareness is needed, especially in a helping profession. I’m not expecting people to know everything however, basic understanding that gender is not binary is not such a huge thing to desire.


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