Tips/Advice For Starting Therapy

Ellen's OCD Blog

Therapy can be a daunting thing. The prospect of “wait I have to tell all my problems and what I’m worrying about to a person I don’t even know!?” can be pretty daunting. Currently I’m in treatment at CAMHS (child and adolescent mental health services) I’ve been there for almost two years and I’ve seen two psychologists and a psychiatrist over that time. I thought I’d put together a help guide for new people starting therapy, that being CAMHS, adult services or any other practise that offers therapy because I know how nervous it can make you feel, so hopefully this can help dissipate some of those fears.

Tip #1 – Psychologist’s are not there to judge you.
Therapy is a place of confidentiality. That meaning unless you are a risk to yourself or others, what you say in therapy will be private. That rule is for all ages. If…

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