Magic Mike (2012)

Ok this isn’t an LGBTQI movie, but it’s a bunch of half-naked men… I’m sure there are plenty of you here who are into that. I mean, have you SEEN Channing Tatum’s abs?

What I like about this movie is the fact that it is the men who are being objectified. Which makes a nice change from women being seen as sexual objects to be used. These male strippers take off their clothes for women’s pleasure. Females are even presented as sexual beings! Because, you know, women have libidos too.

Mike (Channing Tatum) is an amazing male stripper, who helps the new kid learn the tricks of the trade. Like how to take his clothes off and move his hips and dance sexy.

I’m not going to say that this movie is the ‘women’s sexual liberation’…far from it. If you read into it you’ll probably see the male superiority complex (‘you got the cock, they don’t’) ….so watch this movie on a night off, when you just want to watch a bunch of guys dance while half naked.


2 thoughts on “Magic Mike (2012)

  1. ohhh yeah.. right yeah.. objectification of men here still assumes a privileged position. It is just my random thought when reading this specific blog entry..

    Do you think that the power relation shift when these men in the movie position themselves as the one being objectified?


    1. I honestly do feel that it does present men in the ‘desired’ position, and many women I know started to objectify them the exact same way that a man would objectify a woman. The difference here is that while the objectification of women is undesired generally (example, through catcalling), here the men want to objectified because they’re what women desire and they want to give them that pleasure.


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