Shelter (2007)

This is actually one of the first LGBTQI movies I had ever seen, and it really helped me come to terms with the fact that not being straight is not a bad thing. And coming from such a Catholic country, it was super important for me to realise that.

Zach (Trevor Wright) had to give up his dreams due to his familial obligations. It doesn’t really help that his family treats him like utter shit. To dispel the pressure on him Zach enjoys surfing and tagging (painting graffiti) the town

Shaun (Brad Rowe) is Zach’s bestfriend’s brother, and an out and proud gay man. A strange sight in this mostly homophobic city. Also a strange sight, this guy’s incredibly hot bod.

As Zach starts to spend more time with Shaun, he starts to feel things he had been trying to repress for many years. You know how this story goes.

So how much do you work out for those?

The music score is utterly amazing, especially during the love scene. Trust me, this movie will make you FEEL things.

Trigger Warning : homophobic slurs are pretty much part of the movie. But don’t worry, they don’t endorse the slurs, they’re just there to make you really aware of the homophobic place these boys live in


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