Ticking boxes on forms

So I was thinking, how important is it for people to know our gender? When applying for anything one of the first boxes we have to tick is the one identifying our gender. Or to be more specific, our genitals. Because these questions generally will only have the options: Male or Female. So you’re not asking me for my gender, but for what I have between my legs. The question is, why?

Is it for surveys? Well, knowing my genitals won’t help you there. Because while I may have genitials A, my mindset can be Z….so you cannot really throw me in with everyone else who has genitals A, because their mindset may be A as well.

So why the hell do we need to mark a box which states our genitals? because in today’s world everything has to be gendered. Did you know there are APPLES for girls and boys. Because they cannot POSSIBLY have the same kind of apples. The applies for girls have to be dainty, and boy apples have to be rough and strong I guess.


Start looking around you. Notice these things. Notice how the first thing we notice about a person is whether or not they’re a girl or a boy. How clothing stores have sections for men and women…so I have a vagina I always have to buy sequined shirts as opposed to the shirts in the men’s section?

Our sexual characteristics are given to us by nature, but gender is completely man-made. It’s the perfect example of the human obsession to label things, and put everything into boxes. It’s up to us now to fight that with all our might. Because we can’t be put into a box, and anyone who accepts to be put in one is only missing out on their full potential.


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