why should you be sober for dates?

  1. Drinking clouds judgement and prevents you from listening attentively – which would be very rude towards your partner
  2. Drinking makes you act like you’re a not yourself… you’re normally shy? but drinking makes you outspoken? well why pretend you’re someone you’re not? your partner should love your shy-ness!
  3. it’s expensive – nuff said
  4. you can get addicted – may sound far fetched but it’s true 
  5. ‘it loosens us up’ – yeah it also makes you make bad choices

now I’m not saying don’t take that glass of wine or that pint, but don’t makes your dates rely on bottles of wine or how many shots you can both take before you pass out. You’re supposed to spend time with your partner, get to know them, ask about their day…not get sh*tfaced. 


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