Religion and Homosexuality

Currently, the main religions of the world (I’m going with Christianity, Judaism and Islam), see homosexuality, and homosexual ‘acts’ as a sin. Each religion has its own way of punishing these ‘sinners’, but the most annoying thing is that people feel that their religion is justification for hurting someone else, regardless of if they are of the same faith.

And even if you are of the same faith, how can that allow you to treat someone else as a lesser human being? Or justify you hurting them?

I’ve studied up on various religions and philosophies, and from what I gathered, the main thing about ‘god’ or let’s just say ‘higher power’ is that this being loves all humans equally and without discrimination. So in that case, how can this higher being then be ok with the way homosexuals are treated?

In all honesty, if you are homosexual and you’re religious too, then embrace it. You are one of the few people who actually understand that your god/higher power does not hate you for being in love. Higher powers will never discriminate against love between two consenting adults.

So if higher powers don’t discriminate against it, why should we? 


4 thoughts on “Religion and Homosexuality

  1. the main thing about ‘god’ or let’s just say ‘higher power’ is that this being loves all humans equally and without discrimination… Seriously? Have you ever read the Old Testament? I mean, it would be wonderful if we lived in your fairy-tale world, but we don’t.

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    1. You’re right, the old testament is pretty twisted. I was actually referring to the what the religions preach nowadays (and in the new testament). I should have been clearer.

      To be honest, the old testament is quite creepy, with ‘God’ asking people to sacrifice their children to him, and kicking people out of Heaven because they ate the fruit of knowledge and realised they were naked. The god described in this part of the Bible makes you wonder how people even started believing this stuff. But again, I meant the stuff being taught now – the whole: hate the sin, not the sinner.

      Ps. if my world were a fairy-tale, I wouldn’t be needing this blog 🙂


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