Hey there!

I’m a nonbinary person in a predominantly binary world. If you’re confused what this even means, I explain being nonbinary in this post:



I don’t just talk about gender and sexual orientation stuff (but I will quite a bit…sorry to those who don’t really care about this stuff, but I do). So stick around, you never know when something which interests you might pop up, this is the internet after all.


I’d also love to hear from you! Any suggestions you may have, or topic ideas, or even if you need advice about something. (don’t worry, i never post anything about you without your permission). You can either contact me through the contact form below, or through my personal email: nonbinaryzie@gmail.com


Oh by the way, my preferred pronoun is Zie/Zer, so I’d appreciate you guys using that when you refer to me 🙂



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