Watch your words. Sticks and stones is not that true anymore … ‘words will never hurt me’ is idealistic and may work a few times. But at the end of the day ‘the pen is mightier than the sword’ – our words are stronger than any weapon. Use your words wisely. Always be nice, don’t hold back compliments. Don’t be rude or cruel intentionally. 
Spread love wherever you go. 


“Normal” does not exist

What is normal for the spider

Is chaos for the fly

While I enjoy this quote, it may not fit when speaking about gender. However, we can never deny that normal doesn’t exist. Even just looking at different cultures can prove this. In Japan it can be normal for men to walk around in what would be perceived as long skirts by western cultures. In the majority of western countries women are commonly seen wearing what is considered to be masculine clothing.

So why do we find it so hard to allow people to express their gender in any way they wish to? Why is it ok for a cisgender female to wear jeans every day, so long as she wears clothing which is slightly feminine to make up for it?

For the sake of gender equality, why can’t that cisgender female wear masculine clothing? If that’s how she wishes to express her femininity?

I think that in our societies we are taught at a young age what is masculine and what is feminine, and we are somehow expected to follow these norms. They are clear to see in children at a young age, how everything is colour coded, sometimes even before birth parents are pushing gender stereotypes on their children.

so where does it all end?